Who We Are

We are Healthpole

Healthcare has gone through many evolutions, but not nearly as many as it has in terms of Healthcare IT in the last decade. As information technology spread its wings and arrived inside the healthcare industry, a whole lot of companies started taking business initiatives and started innovating with their respective business models, but only a few cared to serve those who serve the healthcare industry. Our focus was to identify and solve the unsolved problems, however non-lucrative they seemed. And that’s how we arrived at a big idea like Healthpole.

Healthpole is an interconnected, multi-platform set of solutions, products and smart eco-system that incorporates, invigorates and inspires all things Healthcare. With Healthpole we didn’t intend to just build a company or brand, nor did we limit ourselves to just a type of product or solution. Our goal is and has always been to build a cohesive ecosystem.

Our Credo

Healthpole was started with a simple goal, to connect all the stakeholders who serve in the healthcare industry. We wanted to bring together all the different healthcare entities who, for the large part, have been operating in silos. Our products link all of them for ease of sharing, collaboration and productivity, thus, Connecting Healthcare!

Our goal is also our motto, and our uninhibited, unstoppable credo as well - to bring new possibilities, made available by the rising technological advancements, to various entities in the healthcare sector.

Our Objectives

Serve as a unified healthcare ecosystem in its entirety.

Be an instrument of change for better healthcare.

Provide customized solutions and proprietary software products to all segments of healthcare providers.

Create great networking capability for medical professionals and healthcare providers to facilitate care-giving discussions, forums, collaborations, as well as references.

Keep researching and innovating to make healthcare more efficient, more accessible, more user-friendly and more Easy.

Let's Create Something Together

We are always at your service, whether you are our existing customer/client, our partner, our fan, or are interested to learn more about us.

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