Healthpole Marketplace

Healthpole Marketplace

Healthpole is Indian Healthcare’s more intricately designed digital ecosystem and our marketplace leverages that to promote the Indian Medical Device Industry. Our ecosystem uses its two current platforms; Indian Doctors Network and Indian Dental Network to connect to provide India’s Medical Device Industry a way for an extremely high-quality engagement with tens of thousands of doctors.

What’s more, we will soon be adding a new platform, Indian Ayush Network, to connect this often overlooked rich network of amazing doctors. This will further increase your reach and marketability.

All of our current and future platforms are designed and built with one core uncompromising goal in mind, Connect, Inform, and Synergize.

Digital Storefront

We create a well-designed profile page for our distributors on our platform that acts as your digital storefront. Each storefront is individually designed to provide the best impression of your company to your buyers.

Detailed Product Pages

Our team will create unique pages for all the products that you carry to help the buyers make an informed and confident decision. This detailed information makes it more likely for the doctors to make the purchase from your store.

Rich Engagement

We are sticklers for creating value for our customers and our partners alike. We are constantly evolving our platform to make our platforms a healthy informational arena for our doctors to ensure maximum engagement. This helps tremendously with your visibility.

Product and Brand Portfolio

Our team will individually create a portfolio of all the brands and products that you carry. We pay special attention to your portfolio design to make sure that the highest-rated products are easy to find and hence easy to buy.

Dedicated Account Manager

A dedicated Account Manager who would always be at your beck and call is assigned to you. Be it adding a new product, or making changes to your profile, you can rest assured that your account manager’s success is directly tied up with your own success.

High-Quality Leads

Every single of our product page is designed to help a doctor get maximum information about the product to facilitate confident decision making. Due to this every lead generated has a much higher probability of conversion than most of the traditional B2B platforms.

Let's Create Something Together

We are always at your service, whether you are our existing customer/client, our partner, our fan, or are interested to learn more about us.

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