Indian Dental Network

Indian Dental Network

We know you're passionate about your profession. We also know there are many community based apps made specifically for dentists all over the world. Then what makes Indian Dental Network stand out? It’s definitely not us, it’s you! Our users come together from specialties and locations all over India making this professional app for dentists an accomplishment.

Whether you're looking for a case to discuss, an specialist's opinion, a quiz to challenge your yourself or an event to host or attend, you can find it all on Indian Dental Network. We make sure that our platform lets you get involved in discussions, reviews, and relevant conversations.

Our aim is to make IDN the first choice app for networking among dentists. As a digital platform, it brings certified and registered professional practitioners together with a common goal: to have a positive impact on society. Herness the power of our digital community and assuage your desire to learn and keep growing professionally.

You can host an event via IDN and not only save yourself the time, effort and resources required to conduct it successfully, but also reach a huge target audience consisting of your peers and associates.

Articles and Journals

Read articles written by experienced practitioners. Read and share documents and circulars released by Dental Council Of India on the app. We are a knowledge rich resource of high quality study material, important courses and international journals.

Connect and Share

Find your associates or the long lost college peers. Share your experiences, your ideas and cases in a smap free and user friendly environment.

Professional Social Network

Your professional social network with only relevant dental content on your feed. IDN is a dentists only verified platform where dentists from all over the country can share their experiences, knowledge and challenges they face as a healthcare professional.

CDEs & Online Learning Programs

Connect with your community ,attend CDEs and online programs. You can even host an event via IDN and get registration fees credited directly to your account instantly.

Privacy And Secure

Create your profile and get connected with your comrades instantly. We assure you that your privacy is of utmost importance.

100% Free

Use all features for free without any time limit or hidden fees. Indian Dental Network is proud to say that it's a social platform for dentists that is free and will always remain free.

Let's Create Something Together

We are always at your service, whether you are our existing customer/client, our partner, our fan, or are interested to learn more about us.

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