Indian Doctors Network

Indian Doctors Network

This is an end-to-end Membership Management and Communication Solution for medical associations in India. The solutions are customizable to tailor them according to the requirements and preferences of any particular medical association.

We believe the core purpose of an association’s digital presence is better community engagement and participation, and this is at the centre of our product's design.

We take pride in claiming that we are a one-of-a-kind digital solution designed specifically for medical associations in India.

Online Renewals

No more spending hundreds of hours of manual labour for members registrations and renewals . Save time by using our Online Renewal, and Auto Renewal Reminder.

CME and Events

We have a highly detailed and advanced CME module where the association can publish detailed information, take online registrations, engage it’s delegates and send invoices and certificates digitally.

Community Details

We have a dedicated section for publishing a list of the current office bearers of the association. You can easily add committees and its members along with their profile.

Digital Payments

We have partnered with India’s leading payment gateways to facilitate online transactions. Your bank accounts are integrated into the payment gateway, so the payments come directly into your account.

Files and Forms

You can upload various forms and files using your admin portal. You members can view them online and conveniently download them.

Update Board

No more posting information in the chaotic space of your several Whatsapp groups. Give your members an easy access to information by using our Updates Tool to publish Announcements, Notices, Circulars and News.

Let's Create Something Together

We are always at your service, whether you are our existing customer/client, our partner, our fan, or are interested to learn more about us.

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