Who We Serve

Our Ecosystem

We are an eco-system and our customers and clients lie all across the healthcare landscape. Our ever-growing clientele in different sectors and capacities of healthcare have varied, unique and custom needs and requirements.

Such unique needs require special attention and customized strategies for each customer segment, and for each customer/client, for that matter.

Customer Segments

The medical field in India is a vast and intricate system with dozens of different entities working with each other in cohesion. Each distinct entity has its own challenges and requirements. We at Healthpole are committed to identifying them and solving them in the best possible ways.


Medical Associations

India has a diverse list of medical associations. These associations differ in size, geographies covered, specialities, and way of functioning.

CME and Medical Event Organizers

We cater to a large number of CME and Medical event organizers in the country. We provide online event registrations and other CME management solutions for the Continuing Medical Education (CME).


Dental Associations

We offer robust membership management and communication solutions to various dental associations in India.

CDE and Dental Course Organizers

The Continuing Dental Education (CDE) and Dental Course in India is highly fragmented. Our goal is to create a one-stop shop for marketing and booking of these courses and events respectively.

Let's Create Something Together

We are always at your service, whether you are our existing customer/client, our partner, our fan, or are interested to learn more about us.

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